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What We Do?

For any business, customer call is important as it has the potential to bring in even more business. Yet, little attention is paid to maintaining a high quality incoming call management system resulting in considerable damage to brand reputation and incalculable business opportunity losses.
In the initial days, at every business house, every call is picked up with eagerness and every inquiry, big or small, is attended to with zest. Naturally the business grows rapidly. In time, however, as lot more employees join the organization the quality of incoming call handling becomes inconsistent and suffers. Worse, the management has no control or information about:

  • No. of calls received
  • No. of calls missed
  • Who handled the call
  • What was spoken during the call

Why Customers Choose Us

Reasons Why You Should Use Cloud Telephony

Our Cloud telephony helps make your business productive! Cloud telephony software is designed so that communication is made effective and your customers as well as employees are kept happy.

Press record

It catalogues your communication activity so that you never lose track of a lead. The call of history of every customer, as well as every employee, is maintained automatically. This way, no employer will have trouble supervising their agents’ work.

Don’t leave me hanging

: If there’s one thing that calling customer hates, it is to be put on hold. Cloud telephony services streamline all the calls received through a single server to make sure that calls go through to the right free agent. Keep your clientele happy by seamlessly directing them to who they need!


I’ll be there for you

Use the click-to-call feature on your website so that customers are a button away if they want to reach your business! They can leave relevant details so that your agent can contact them at a time mutually convenient. It makes the customers feel you are available to them – 24/7/365.

You can’t see me

Since cloud telephony reroutes calls through a mainframe, it ensures that both customer and agent have their privacy by shielding each personal number from the other. Making people around you feel secure is an important part of keeping them happy!

Don’t get April Fooled

Cloud telephony runs voice analyses on callers, running highly accurate software on voice patterns and tones that can help you distinguish between spammers and quality leads, so that you divert resources in the right places.

I need some space

Because of cloud telephony services like the virtual number, calls received by the company can be redirected to any number! Don’t let your employees feel chained to a desk landline in the office. Allow your agents their well-deserved freedom of movement.

Too many customers, not enough time

Outbound calling solutions make it ridiculously easy to reach out to millions of people, but without the human effort. You can choose to not become a deleted text by creating personalised automated calls, with a human-like voice, to communicate to customers for you!

You don’t pay here

Toll-free numbers for your company let your customers know that you care about them. Create one for yours so that your clients don’t have to pay to talk to you!

It’s a scary world

Spam calls bring down an employee’s productivity and wastes company resources. Using cloud telephony software, you can easily set company-wide blacklists so that nobody sabotages your business by spamming you!

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