Bulk SMS Services

Deliver effective mobile marketing campaigns over SMSs, Backed by the highly robust voice clrearity’s SMS Push Platform, this distinct tool coupled with enterprise back-end system, enables and empowers communications that can send messages to a customer database of up to 20 MB with a single click.

Its modular structure, unique user privileges and superior administration control make ACL’s Campaign Manager the most sought-after solution in the marketplace for SMS marketing in India.

Features that makes this product unique

User Management

3-level hierarchy where the ‘Admin’ user commands the parental control and is able to create additional child users and modify campaign settings


Control campaigns with maker-checker concept. ‘Moderator’ checks the activities of child users who have the privileges to change the campaign settings

Analytics and Reporting

Reports both micro and macro details with advanced graphical views to check health of the executed campaign

Vernacular Messaging

Make your campaigns more effective and impactful by adding the regional language flavor

Short URL service

Short URL service converts 1 or more URLs in your campaign message into unique short URL on the fly without the need to first convert the long URL and manually paste them in the campaign. Also, get your brand name as part of the Short URL.

Intuitive UI

Simple, clean and easy to navigate user interface with proper labels and predictable functionality


Greater customer engagement with one-to-one and dynamic campaigns


Schedule campaigns on specific start date and time or execute them instantly

How it helps you stand out

Enhanced Visibilty

High visibility and control on campaigns with intuitive dashboard

Assured Response

Boost customer response rates through personalized brand campaigns

Global Reach

Mobile messaging platform with vernacular support to serve global markets more effectively

Friendly UI

Web interface to send messages to one or more recipients

Improved Predictability

Improve business decisions with detailed reports and interactive ‘Graphs and Charts’


Set automatic reminders & reoccurrence of campaigns at different instances

Target Success

Create blacklisted number repository to prevent repeat failures


User IP White listing to avoid misuse

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