Outbound Calling

What is a Outbound Calling?

Personalized Automated Outbound Calling Connect with millions of people with automated calls and SMS, Automated phone calling services by Voice Clarity Quickest way to reach a large set of audience in one go

Unprecedented Reach

Get in touch with millions of customers simultaneously through automated SMS and voice call bursts. More touchpoints = More leads = more conversions

Optimize Outbound Campaigns

Deploy automated outbound calling to make product announcements, promotional offers, follow ups, reminders and status updates for customers and more

Instant Customer Feedback

Outbound call center services are the fastest and the most cost effective way to reach out to your customers. Use automated outbound call to get instant customer feedback with every outgoing call (Eg: Did you like X? Press 1 for ‘Yes and 2 for No) at zero cost to them

Personalized Automated Customer Experience

With every outgoing call, Voice Clarity automated calling system can create a personalised user experience with human like voice quality of the message, voice modulation capabilities to emote feelings of sympathy and regional IVR

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